Our city walk takes us across the Dutch Quarter.First we cross the Bassinplatz, where there is a market every weekday and regional agricultural products are sold. From Bassinplatz we go over Gutenbergstrasse into Benkertstrasse. On the rows of houses you can see the old lettering of the house owners and their shops. The old cobblestones and the typical Dutch look of the houses are characteristic of the quarter. The Benkertstrasse is a leafy street, which is rather unusual for the quarter and leads us directly into the center of the quarter, the Mittelstrasse. From here you have an entire view of the district. Continue to the right along Mitttelstrasse, past different building types from representative to rather simple houses, past restaurants and factories to Hebbelstrasse, the outer boundary of the quarter. From here you can walk to the New Garden and Cecilienhof with the Holy Lake in about 10 minutes. If you don't want to go any further, turn around and follow Mittelstrasse to Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse and the Nauener Tor.